The Common Faith

The common faith is what we believe in. This is what we stand for and contend for. We can be general about so many other things, but with the common faith, we should be precise and unwavering. It is common because all genuine believers have it in common and treasure it. For our college years, for our working life, and for our whole life, it is important to be equipped with the knowledge of the common faith; this is a fundamental need of all Christians. This Bible study presents 8 items of the common faith that we can count on and treasure for our whole life. Item by item, we will be able to express what we believe in.


Bible Studies

The Common Faith – Item 1 – The Bible

For our Bible study on the common faith, the first item we cover is the Bible. The Bible is where we find the word of God and the contents of our faith. 

The Common Faith – Item 2 – The Triune God

For this second item of the common faith we come to the Triune God. First, we’ll see that God is one. Then we’ll see that God is Triune.

The Common Faith – Item 3 – God Becoming a Man

The third matter of the common faith is that God Himself became a man (Jesus Christ).

The Common Faith – Item 4 – Christ Died for Our Sins

By becoming a man, God accomplished a great thing: He died for our sins. Our sins were like a debt we could not pay. So, Christ came and paid it for us.

The Common Faith – Item 5 – Christ Resurrected on the Third Day

Three days after Christ died on the cross, He resurrected from among the dead. This is proof that His death was effective. However, His resurrection also accomplished other things.

The Common Faith – Item 6 – Christ’s Ascension

In the middle of this heated election season, what we desperately need is to see the ascended Christ. Therefore, this week, we come to another item of the common faith – Christ’s ascension.

The Common Faith – Item 7 – Repentance, Believing, and Regeneration

Our salvation starts by believing into the Lord Jesus and repenting of our past. Immediately after this, we are regenerated, which is to be born again.

The Common Faith – Item 8 – Christ Coming Again

The final point we will cover for this series on the common faith is: Christ Coming Again. We have seen that Christ has done everything to save us! His word reveals that He became a man, just like you and me…

What We Believe

 What We Believe   We hold the faith that is common to all believers – Titus 1:4b The bible is the complete divine revelation – 2 Tim. 3:16 The Son of God was incarnated to be a man, Jesus Christ – John 1:1, 14 Christ died on the cross for our sins, shedding His blood for …