Bible Truth


Join our live Bible Studies or find lots of Christian teaching right here on this site!

Our StoriesSpend-Personal-Time-with-the-Lord-To-Eat-Him

As we pursue knowing the Lord Jesus and as we meet-up with other believers, God gives us growth.

Daily Pursuit with eManna


The door is wide open for us to start a daily devotional where we contact God day by day. – Awesome!

Introduce Christ to a Friend


The good news of the gospel is a lovely person, Jesus Christ whom we love! Let’s share this one!



There is something for everyone! Small events and Big Events!

Get Involved

Our college years can be so rewarding to us and at the same time, so useful to God. He needs some to say, “I’m here, God”.



May our time at the University of Utah be for knowing and experiencing God’s love and for pursing the full salvation that God has in store for us!