The Common Faith – Item 6 – Christ’s Ascension

In the middle of this heated election season, what we desperately need is to see the ascended Christ. Therefore, this week, we come to another item of the common faith – Christ’s ascension.

Let us have a quick review of what we have discussed in the previous bible studies since the beginning of this semester. We talked about…
  • The Bible – It is the complete divine revelation inspired by God, word-by-word through the Holy Spirit.
  • The Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit are three in one.
  • Christ’s incarnation – The son of God, even the God Himself, becoming a man.
  • Christ’s crucifixion – Christ died for our sins, shedding His blood for our redemption.
  • Christ’s resurrection – Christ resurrected from among the dead.

We want to see Christ’s ascension in two parts.

1) We’ll answer the question: What does it mean that He ascended?
2) Then, we’ll explore how in His ascension He was inaugurated into a number of great offices.

What does all this mean? Don’t worry, we’ll take a careful look at these two parts and at what these great offices are, step by step. 

The Common Faith – Item 6 – PowerPoint

The Common Faith – Item 6 – PDF

The Common Faith – Item 6 – MP3