An Exceedingly Good Land – How to Possess the Land

In this Bible study we reviewed the history of the children of Israel, as they left Egypt and the things they experienced on their way to the Good Land. The Lord really led us to focus on two matters: Confessing our Sins, and Eating Christ – through His Word.

Although we are on a college campus, reading many books and articles and studying topics thoroughly, our eating of Christ in His Word is something special. We must come to His Word, linger there, contact the living Person there, and learn to exercise our spirit, our deepest part, to receive Him, digest Him, and assimilate Him.

Why did God bring us to this university? To meet other Christians and mutually help one another to… POSSESS THE LAND!

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An Exceedingly Good Land – Its Unsearchable Riches – Minerals 2

Minerals2We had seen that minerals are for building. This time we saw that minerals are also for protection. That is, for the spiritual warfare.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armor of God that you
may be able to stand against the stratagems of
the devil

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Join us for the Christians on Campus Bible Studies. We not only study, we also get to know each other, we eat dinner, we sing, and we pray!

An Exceedingly Good Land – Its Unsearchable Riches – Minerals

Even as we gather and enjoy delicious food with the Christians on Campus club, and even as we prepare for our big Spring Break Trip with the club, our focus is still Christ. This week we saw what our relationship is with the minerals found in the Good Land. Furthermore, we found that our need is transformation!

Coming to Him, a living stone, rejected by men
but with God chosen and precious, You
yourselves also, as living stones, are being built
up as a spiritual house into a holy priesthood to
offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God
through Jesus Christ. (1 Pet 2:4-5)

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