Our Human Spirit – Exercise Your Spirit – A Training Camp

The Lord Jesus Christ is ever new and ever fresh. The Christian life is rich with the enjoyment of such a Christ. 

  • But how do we live such a life?
  • How can we serve God and how can we walk with God in our daily life?
  • When we say, “Exercise your spirit”. What comes to mind?

The way to live the Christian life is by the exercise of our spirit. In this Bible study we present a genuine training on how to exercise our human spirit. 

Find yourself struggling with the exercise of your spirit? Open up to the Lord about it and also open up to other Christians about it. By sharing our struggles, we can help one another. 

Get into the attached Bible verses and study materials in a prayerful and sober way and energize your Christian life by the exercise of your spirit.

Exercise Your Spirit – A Training Camp – PDF

Exercise Your Spirit – A Training Camp – PowerPoint Slides