The Common Faith – Item 4 – Christ Died for Our Sins

By becoming a man, God accomplished a great thing: He died for our sins. Our sins were like a debt we could not pay. So, Christ came and paid it for us. In doing this, He has reclaimed ownership over us and has brought us back to Him. Today, we appreciate this wonderful fact by believing in Him and confessing our sins!

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Fall 2020 Reading Challenge – 1 & 2 Thessalonians

This fall, we are going to be getting into 1st and 2nd Thessalonians.  In these letters, the apostle Paul touches some very serious points which have to do with serving God, how to conduct ourselves, and the Lord’s second coming. In 2nd Thessalonians, the apostle encourages and even corrects the believers in Thessalonica. We hope that everyone will set aside a time each week to read a chapter, either by themselves or with others.

The following is a schedule for our reading this semester:

Week 1: 9/12-9/18: 1 Thess. Chapter 1

Week 2: 9/19-9/25: 1 Thess. Chapter 2

Week 3: 9/26-10/2: 1 Thess. Chapter 3

Week 4: 10/3-10/9: 1 Thess. Chapter 4

Week 5: 10/10-10/16: 1 Thess. Chapter 5

Week 6: 10/17-10/23: 2 Thess. Chapter 1

Week 7: 10/24-10/30: 2 Thess. Chapter 2

Week 8: 10/31-11/6: 2 Thess. Chapter 3

You can also use this link to join a Bible tracker where you’ll be emailed the chapter each week and also check it off!

The Common Faith – Item 3 – God Becoming a Man

The third matter of the common faith is that God Himself became a man (Jesus Christ). Do you remember from last week that God is inseparable? Thus, when He became a man, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit also became a man. Today’s verses will help us see this wonderful fact! 

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Gospel Meeting: A World in Crisis

This next hour may change your life. It’s all about Jesus Christ.

He is the fountain that never runs dry. When we believe in Him, He comes to live in us and satisfies our deepest thirst. He really does!

For My people have committed two evils: / They have forsaken Me, / The fountain of living waters, / To hew out for themselves cisterns, / Broken cisterns, / Which hold no water.  – Jeremiah 2:13

We are pleased to share this good-news-video with you! It comes from the church in Irvine, California. Watch, Open your Heart, and See how Jesus Christ is such a fountain, and how He can be yours, too!

The Common Faith – Item 2 – The Triune God

For this second item of the common faith we come to the Triune God. First, we’ll see that God is one. Then we’ll see that God is Triune. Although we can’t really explain how He can be one and three at the same time, yet we don’t say that the Bible contradicts itself. Rather, we believe the Bible and receive the truth found in it. Let’s see how the mystery of the Triune God is revealed in the Bible.

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Looking back at the 2019 North America College Training – Why Post This Now?

In addition to a glorious full week of the college training, there were also 40 days of prayer surrounding this event which laid the tracks for God to bless this generation of college students. Why post this now? Take a look at the last item of prayer from the 40 days:

The lasting impact of this college training, including upon those who did not have the chance to attend.

(touching video at the end of this post)

These items are an excerpt of what can be found at the College Training Facebook page (

June 11: Safe travel for all attendees, including all flights, shuttle rides, and cross country drives.
June 12: Grace to all the local saints for hosting students before and after the college training on their way to/from the college training.
June 13: Full health for all attendees with no spread of sickness.
June 14: The weather would be clear on July 14 around the country so all the planes can be on time, and all buses from Chicago will arrive on time.

June 15: The weather during the college training would be conducive to fellowship, convenient for getting from place to place, and allowing for healthy outdoor activities.
June 16: Smooth execution among all the different practical services, including ushering, registration, and audio-visual, for the sake of the impartation of the word.
June 17: The safety and security of all of the trainees for the entire duration of the college training.
June 18: The smooth and seamless service of the university staff in areas like food preparation, dorm management, and climate control.

June 19: Pray that the heart of each trainee would be prepared for the training. May each one’s hear be the good earth to hear and understand the word and bear fruit.
June 20: Pray that each serving one would enjoy the anointing of the Spirit and the supply of grace to be kept in absolute oneness and the one accord so that there would be a way for the Lord to command His blessing.
June 21: Pray that each trainee would have a clear sky by maintaining a conscience that is void of offense towards God and man.
June 22: There will be more than 37 brothers, including some senior co-workers who will be ministering the Word during this
week. Please pray for the rich anointing and out-poured Spirit of power upon each of the brothers.

June 23: Pray for the blending among the students from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds for the one new man.
June 24: Pray that the recently graduated high school seniors would genuinely and personally touch the Lord and consecrate their college years to the Lord. (Fact: 303 High school grads are attending the NACT).
June 25: Pray that each small group would be full of mutuality, overflowing, and shepherding.
June 26: Pray that the Lord would loose many tongues to testify and strengthen the word released the messages.

June 27: The students would allow the word of God to dwell in them richly, being constituted with the Word through memorizing many verses.
June 28: The Spirit would be fully released and flow in all of the singing in every session.
June 29: The deepening of the students’ private and hidden life with the Lord in the mornings.
June 30: The increased taste and desire for the reading of the ministry through the college training.

July 1: The opening of the eyes of the students to see Christ as never before.
July 2: The Lord would cause the students to experience the greatest transfer from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God.
July 3: The students would continually confess their sins to obtain restoration through forgiveness.
July 4: The students would take God as their portion, pursue Christ, exercise their heart and their spirit, and partake of the word of His grace.
July 5: The students would give themselves to the church life by participating in the church meetings and pursuing Christ with spiritual companions.

July 6: The Lord would sanctify this week unto Him to be a time of enjoying Him as the reality of the Sabbath year, a time of resting in Him and separation from the world, so that He can bring everyone into the full experience of the jubilee.
July 7: The students would live their lives in the age of the jubilee, the age of Christ as grace dispensed into us for our enjoyment by His words of grace, an age of ecstasy for our salvation.
July 8: All of the students would be recovered to God as their lost divine possession, their portion, possessing Him by enjoying Him through the Word and by the Spirit.

July 9: Every student would enjoy Christ as the freedom of the jubilee by “switching on” the law of the Spirit of life installed in their spirit through remaining in contact with Him and walking according to the spirit.
July 10: All would appreciate being returned to the church as their divine family, the church, a dwelling place for God’s rest and for the accomplishing of His eternal purpose.
July 11: Lord Jesus would appear to each one, His appearing would give them a vision, and they would enjoy and propagate the resurrected Christ as the jubilee unto the uttermost part of the earth.
July 12: Each student would receive a commission from the Lord to contact and preach the gospel to their fellow students proclaiming the gospel—Christ as the jubilee of grace!

July 13: The Lord’s covering of all of the serving saints and their families from any attacks from
the evil one.
July 14: Satan would have no ground in the atmosphere on campus or in the beings of all those
attending the college training.
July 15: Bind Satan from getting the youngest and newest ones among us in their minds about
any matters of truth or practice.

July 16: Hurricane Barry is on course to hit Champaign on Tuesday, bringing thunderstorms and rain. In addition, temperatures are climbing into the high 90s throughout the week. Pray for the Lord’s safekeeping of all the students and serving ones still travelling to Champaign and as they walk and drive from dorms to venues. Pray for no disruption to the schedule or facilities.
July 17: The students would consecrate their lives and futures to the Lord absolutely for His
purpose and glory.
July 18: The students would practice the things that they have seen and heard at the college
training beginning immediately after they return home.
July 19: The Lord would call many students to give their futures to the Lord and vow to attendFTTA to be made useful to Him.
July 20: The lasting impact of this college training, including upon those who did not have the
chance to attend.

Looking back at the 2019 North America College Training – Video

The Jubilee!

How many registered for the July 2019, North America College Training?… 2781
Where was it located?… University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
What did Christians on Campus at the University of Utah have to say about this full-week event? Find out in this 3 minute vid. 

We firmly believe that the Lord blessed this college training in particular. He answered many of the prayers from the 40 days of prayer surrounding this event. Thank and praise our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our real Jubilee!

The Common Faith – Item 1 – The Bible

The Common Faith - Item 1For our Bible study on the common faith, the first item we cover is the Bible. The Bible is where we find the word of God and the contents of our faith.  Although we may use ministry books that open the Bible to us and help us to understand the Bible, the Bible is always the final authority on any matter.

We should be able to answer questions about the Bible. Using verses in the Bible, can you show what the origin of the Bible is? How about this question: Is the Bible really that good? What can it do for us? The attached slides reveal the answers.

The Common Faith – Item 1 – PowerPoint

The Common Faith – Item 1 – PDF

The Common Faith – Item 1 – MP3

2 Peter 1-21 and 2 Tim 3-16 For no prophecy was ever borne