Higher Ground – “Who We Are in Christ” (December 14, 2020 – January 17, 2021)

With the winter break upon us, we will be pursuing the Lord together! We call this time, HIGHER GROUND, as we would all like to scale the utmost heights to enjoy Christ to the uttermost! The overarching theme of this pursuit is: WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST.

1 Cor 1-9 God is faithful - Sharp

Daily Devotional (10-30 minutes)

Tap Here for a Morning Revival Tutorial


Weekly Workshops (60 minutes)

Wed 12/16 – 4pm
How to Spend Personal Time with the Lord
Wed 12/23 – 4pm
Hymns and Spiritual Songs that Help our Spiritual Life
Wed 12/30 – 4pm
Intro to Decision Making
Wed 1/6 – 4pm
Does Social Media Work?
Wed 1/13 – 4pm
How to [TBD]

Weekly Group Times (30-60 minutes)

Your small group can pick a time to cover the readings below

Week 1 – “Reading the Bible”
Week 2 – “Gospel Tracts”
Read some of the gospel tracts on the Bibles for America  website. Can your group come up with a gospel tract? If you do, be sure to share it with us!
Week 3 – “On First Corinthians 1:2-3”
(Life Study of 1 Corinthians Message 2, “Introduction 2”, Sections 1-2)
Week 4 – “Calling on the Name of the Lord”
(In this reading, find out why we call on the name of the Lord)
Week 5 – “Praising”
(by Watchman Nee, find it on ministrybooks.org)

Daily Bible Reading
(5 minutes)

A schedule for reading the New Testament books of First and Second Corinthians Bible-Reading-Schedule