Today Jesus is the real Jubilee

A story from the Fall 2018 College conference held in Wanship, Utah


The last message of the conference was about the Jubilee. God had delivered the Israelites, His people, from Egypt and from oppression.. At the end of Leviticus God gave them the instruction to observe the year of Jubilee – that was supposed to be every 50th year. The children of Israel each had received a portion of the good land from God. Over time, if some mismanaged their possessions, they might have sold everything they had, even their portion of the land, and possibly even themselves (into slavery). However, on the year of Jubilee, they got to go back to their possessions!

Today Jesus is the real Jubilee–and we are those who have been set free from all slavery that is in the world! When we got saved, Jesus restored us to Himself as our allotted portion and to our family–all the brothers and sisters in the church! We used to live oppressed but now have Jesus and our new family! – Debbie

Spending Personal Time with the Lord

A story from the Fall 2018 College Conference held in Wanship, Utah

Spend-Personal-Time-with-the-Lord-To-Eat-HimThe Bible verses in the College Conference emphasized the importance of eating Christ. For example, John 6:57 says, “As the living Father has sent Me and I live because of the Father, so he who eats Me, he also shall live because of Me.” For us to actually experience this, we were sent off to spend personal time with the Lord. During that time, I practiced singing to the Lord, reading His word, praying, and simply learning to spend time with Him, even learning to just communicate with Him.

Another aspect of eating Christ that stood out to me in the conference was that whatever we are surrounded by, that is what we take in to us and that is what we end up expressing. On the one hand, this is quite serious, as we could end up with “Garbage in, garbage out.” On the other hand, if we’re taking Christ in, then we’re expressing Him. – Eli

Knowing, Seeing, & Gaining God In an Age of Godlessness

We had our Fall College Conference this November in Glorieta, New Mexico. Students from all over the mountain states came together to know, see, and gain God.


Christians-on-Campus-College-Conference-Singing“Here is something that I got from the conference concerning knowing God. We can know God with experience and without experience; these are two kinds of knowledge. One is inward and the other is outward. When we talk about knowing God, we are talking about simply knowing God Himself. Thus, we need to touch Him. We need to touch Him with the right organ, which is our human spirit. He is now in us as the Spirit in our spirit. We also need a close and personal relationship with God. This is to pursue Him inwardly. This may not be easy so we need much practice in our contact with the Lord and the exercise of our spirit.

I appreciated the following example: If Cain had known God, he would have turned to Him when he became angry instead of killing his brother. We may also be like this, forgetting about God and trying to solve our problems with our own reasoning.

By our practicing to contact God, eventually, it will not only be ‘I who live’, but, ‘Christ who lives in me’.” – Kevin


“The Lord showed me that first we must know God. We must be open to see a vision of who God is– then we can even gain God. We will be able to eat Him as the tree of life. Eventually, He also wants us to know that we’re His sons. As sons, we can come to God as our Father.” – David


“This has been my best college conference so far. We saw that the Trinity, although having ‘three’, has to be ‘one’. We really need to give ourselves to know Him. We should even get to know His ways. Sometimes we don’t get answers to our prayers because we didn’t ask Him according to His ways. We need to take initiative to know His ways, especially in the morning. Otherwise, throughout the day, we’ll just be playing catch-up. I’m thankful I got to see the contrast between Lot and Noah. Lot just followed Abraham, but Noah followed God directly. So with Lot, it’s like He loved God, but not.” – Anda